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The Compression pages display summaries of the compressed storage space at the database level and the tablespace level. On the database level, the Compression Summary for Database page shows the total database size total size of all the objects, both compressed and uncompressedthe total size of compressed objects in the database, the total size of uncompressed objects in the database and the ratio of the total size of compressed objects to the total database size. This provides you with a general idea on how much storage space within a database is compressed. You can then take action based on the information displayed.

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NET type or serializable. This is because the session-variable value is stored in an external data store. For more information, see Session-State Modes. Session Identifiers Sessions are identified by a unique identifier that can be read by using the SessionID property.

When session state is enabled for an ASP. NET application, each request for a page in the application is examined for a SessionID value sent from the browser.

NET starts a new session and the SessionID value for that session is sent to the browser with the response. By default, SessionID values are stored in a cookie. A session is considered active as long as requests continue to be made with the same SessionID value.

If the time between requests for a particular session exceeds the specified time-out value in minutes, the session is considered expired. Requests made with an expired SessionID value result in a new session.

A malicious user could get access to the session of another user by obtaining the SessionID value and including it in requests to the server. If you are storing sensitive information in session state, it is recommended that you use SSL to encrypt any communication between the browser and server that includes the SessionID value.

However, you can specify that session identifiers should not be stored in a cookie by setting the cookieless attribute to true in the sessionState section of the Web.

The following example shows a Web. NET application to use cookieless session identifiers. NET to include the unique session ID lit3py55t21z5v55vlm25s NET sends a page to the browser, it modifies any links in the page that use an application-relative path by embedding a session ID value in the links.

Links with absolute paths are not modified. Session state is maintained as long as the user clicks links that have been modified in this manner.

NET may not be able to resolve the session ID and associate the request with an existing session. In that case, a new session is started for the request.

The session ID is embedded in the URL after the slash that follows the application name and before any remaining file or virtual directory identifier.

Note To improve the security of your application, you should allow users to log out of your application, at which point the application should call the Abandon method.

This reduces the potential for a malicious user to get the unique identifier in the URL and use it to retrieve private user data stored in the session.

Regenerating Expired Session Identifiers By default, the session ID values that are used in cookieless sessions are recycled.

That is, if a request is made with a session ID that has expired, a new session is started by using the SessionID value that is supplied with the request.Selecting data from a database You retrieve data from a database by creating a query, which is a question that you ask about data stored in an external database.

For example, if your data is stored in an Access database, you might want to know the sales figures for a specific product by region.

Admin store and retrieve information

We recommend you use ESET License Administrator to manage and retrieve your license information.. If you have access to the email account used to originally purchase or activate your ESET product, you can enter your email address in the field below to receive an email with your license information.

Refer to XYZ’s Access Control Policy for further information on session termination. access the information system from an external information system; and (ii) process, store, and/or transmit Company-controlled information using an external information system. The Network Admin is responsible for all the internal WebEx meetings.

System used to store and manage data in which many programs and users share the data in a database database management system (DBMS) Program that allows user to create a computerized database; add, modify, and delete data in the database, sort and retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports from the data in the database.

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Business admin unit store and retrieve information answers. Describe procedure to be followed for storing and retrieving information? describe what to do when problems arise when storing or retrieving information? Store and retrieve information nvq level 2 unit I had a developer working on a website.

Now I learned a bit of WordPress and I would like to continue some of the work on my own. I asked the developer for the passwords and he only gave me the passwords of the hosting account and not from the wp-admin of the WordPress installation.

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