Anansi goes fishing writing activities

Picture Book, Folktale Theme s: Brief Book Summary This story begins on an afternoon where Anansi the Spider sees his friend Turtle walking along the river carrying a fish.

Anansi goes fishing writing activities

Saturday, February 9, February 9, Friday was our th day of school! We can hardly believe how quickly this year is flying by. As promised in our last blog, we want to share with you some of our Anansi activities from the week. We began reading aloud Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock.

We focused on the strategy of questioning. We stopped reading at various points in the story so students could ask questions, while we recorded them on paper.

anansi goes fishing writing activities

During this time, we also modeled thicker questions in hopes some of the students would do the same. Naturally, and thank goodness, our students also applied other reading strategies such as predicting and inferring.

After completing the story, we analyzed our questions, and tried to decide which questions were thin and which ones were thick.

The next day, at read aloud time, we showed the students the cover of Anansi and the Magic Stick. This happens every year; Anansi is a favorite character.

That day our purpose for reading was to begin analyzing Anansi as a character. This is going to prepare them for our culminating activity where they have to write an extended response to the question, "Would you want Anansi as a friend?

The kids had no problem coming up with plenty of descriptive traits.

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That same day, during shared reading, we read Anansi Goes Fishing. Boy this was a tough story for the kids to comprehend because of the play on words. We really had to read those first two pages closely so the kids really understood what Turtle was saying and how he twisted his words to trick Anansi.

The kids actually felt badly for Anansi. The following day, the students partner read Anansi Goes Fishing and their purpose was to find the seven most important plot events in the story. Together we wrote a summary of the story. Then the fun came--the students used register tape to illustrate our summary and made a clay sculpture of Anansi.

When the project was completed they used the iPads to recored themselves retelling the summary using their picture and sculpture. The challenge was to retell the summary to as many people as they could at home.

Our winner retold the summary 20 times!!!! The great thing about our partnership is that we share our kids. So Thursday and Friday we divided our students so they could read another Anansi story during shared reading.

Thankfully, we kept 12 copies of the second and third grade anthologies from our old reading series before switching to the new one this year. Kim took the rest of the students to read the second-grade story called Anansi and the Talking Melon.

Our focus for both groups was to answer QAR question-answer-relationship questions. Once again, the students partner read the stories with the purpose of finding important quotes from the characters.lesson plans - anansi goes to lunch - 1st grade - anansi goes to lunch written by bobby and sherry norfolk outcome students will demonstrate an understanding of the story through discussion, phonics, reading, writing, drawing, and public speaking.

overview students will read and explore a. Core Knowledge® National Conference, Anansi: A Language Arts Twist to the Trickster, 1st Grade 2 3.

Students will make predictions from context (NM Language Arts Benchmark I-C2) 4. The student will state items in sequence from content. This page unit includes posters, worksheets, centers, games, graphic organizers, a selection test and more. All with CCSS noted and I can statements where applicable.

See Table of . Welcome to Second Grade Reading Street Iris and Walter Match It. vocabulary words Alphabetize. amazing words Which Word. high frequency words Spelling City.

Followers that Rock!

Anansi Goes Fishing Match It. vocabulary words Alphabetize. amazing words Which Word.

anansi goes fishing writing activities

high frequency words Spelling City. spelling words Wack a Mole. Whoops! Looks like we had a problem playing your video. Refresh the page to try again. “Anansi Goes Fishing” is the sequel to Eric A.

Kimmel’s and Janet Stevens’ book “Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock.” This time, Anansi meets his match when he goes fishing with Turtle and Anansi ends up doing all the work to catch a large fish, while Turtle just sits back and enjoys the show/5.

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