Aromatherapy not all about the aroma

That is to say, aroma candles are made for holistic therapeutic care — for providing well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. Aromatherapy is a curative that people have, for centuries, used to gain energy, relieve stress, enhance concentration, and manage pain. The fragrances of essential oils are emanated in order to stimulate the senses. Some aromas can even lower systolic blood pressure.

Aromatherapy not all about the aroma

The health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to relieve anxiety and depressionboost energy levels, speed up the healing process, cure headachesboost cognition, induce sleepstrengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestionand increase circulation.

Aromatherapy is a fascinating alternative medicine that involves the use of volatile plant materials, also known as essential oils that can be aromatically inhaled by patients with a wide variety of health conditions.

It is often used to improve mood, change cognitive states, and can also be utilized as a supplemental medicine. Since then, cultures around the world have utilized aromatherapy for a wide range of functions.

Perhaps the most common countries to find aromatherapy being practiced would be in IndiaFrance, England, and the United States, although it can be found in dozens of other countries as well.

There is more to it than simply using essential oils; aromatherapy can be quite complex, involving carrier oils, absolutes, herbal distillates, vaporizer oils, and phytoncides.

These scientific elements would need an article on themselves to describe, so if you are getting involved in aromatherapy treatment, simply ask the administrator of the treatment for literature on various components and applications. An important element of aromatherapy is synergy, which is the combination of numerous essential oils that can actually create a more powerful effect than the oils would have on their own.

This is why blending essential oils is such an important area of study for alternative healers since the range of possibilities is almost endless. However, it is important to always do your consultation with trained aromatherapists, as some essential oils can trigger allergiesand can actually be toxic if mixed improperly.

Furthermore, most aromatherapy treatments with essential oils are diluted in a carrier oil of some kind, to make the effects slightly less potent. If you use too strong of a concentration of essential oils in aromatherapy, it can result in a wide range of negative side effects.

While there is an infinite number of combinations that have been tested and used around the world, not all of them would be approved or recommended by normal doctors. That being said, you should pay close attention to your body and its reaction whenever you use aromatherapy as a therapeutic solution for a medical condition.

Health Benefits of Aromatherapy The most common health benefits of aromatherapy are explained in greater detail below. Relieves Stress Perhaps the most widespread and popular use of aromatherapy is for stress relief.

The aromatic compounds from many different essential oils are known as relaxants and can help soothe your mind and eliminate anxiety.

This is what most people who perform aromatherapy at home use it for since the mixtures are very simple and the research on this aspect of aromatherapy is very well-known and widely studied. Some of the best essential oils for stress relief are lemon oillavender, bergamot, peppermint, vetiver, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

Certain studies have also shown that lemon oil can improve mood and reduce outbursts of anger. Acts as Antidepressant Second, to stress relief, aromatherapy is very commonly used to eliminate feelings of depression, and due to the very complicated side effects of pharmaceutical antidepressants, this is a very important function of aromatherapy.

While this is useful as a complementary treatment, psychological help or counseling should be sought out if depression continues or worsens. In terms of the best essential oils to use for reducing depression, most specialists suggest peppermint, chamomile, lavender, and jasmine.

Boosts Memory One of the most frightening and widespread diseases affecting older people is memory loss and the inability to form short-term memories.

Studies have also shown the efficacy of aromatherapy in younger patients, in terms of boosting their memory capacity for a certain amount of time after the treatment.

This refreshing boost for the brain can be useful in all walks of life, no matter what age you are! Sage oil is the most commonly recommended oil for this sort of memory-enhancing effect.

Increases Energy Levels We can all use more energy to get through the hectic daily tasks of modern life. However, stimulants like coffeecigarettes, energy pills, or even illegal substances can have very damaging effects on the body.

While diet and exercise can also help, many people turn to aromatherapy to put a bit more pep in their step. Many essential oils are known to increase circulation, raise energy levelsand generally stimulate the body and mind, without the dangerous side effects of other stimulating substances.

The best essential oils for giving yourself an energy boost include black peppercardamomcinnamon, cloveangelica, jasmine, tea tree, rosemaryand sage. Speeds up Healing As stimulants, many essential oils can help increase the rate of healing throughout the body.

This can be due to increased oxygen and blood flow to wounds as well as more internal healing processes like those following surgeries or illness.

Aromatherapy not all about the aroma

The anti-microbial properties of certain essential oils also keep the body protected during these delicate healing stages of the body. Some of the most popular essential oils for speeding up the healing process of the body include lavender, calendularosehip, everlasting helichrysumand buckthorn essential oils.

A number of these oils do more than just healing wounds; they can also reduce the severity and discomfort of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Reduces Headaches Everyone gets headaches from time to time, and the bad ones can stop us dead in our tracks. Some of the best essential oils that have been connected to reducing headaches and migraines are peppermint, eucalyptussandalwood, and rosemary essential oils.

You can also mix these oils in a carrier oil and spread that oil onto your skin, scalp, neck, and temples. Some of the best carrier oils for headaches include almondavocadococonut, apricot kernel, and sesame oils.The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Articles & Guides area, also known as the Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Article Archive, provides an extensive collection of aromatherapy and essential oil .

The History of Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the science of using essential herbal oils in the treatment of illnesses. The term itself comes from the French word “aromathérapie” which was coined by the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé who was the publisher of the first book titled “Aromatherapy” in Thus the term aromatherapy was not coined until the 20th Century.

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Aromatherapy: Uses, benefits, oils, and risks

What do essential oils do? Different. The Benefits of an Aroma Candle for Your Home Of course, not all aroma candles are equal. The quality of essential oils used and the region in which the plants are grown influence the quality of the aroma candle. Because there are so many benefits to aroma candles, it comes as no surprise that aromatherapy is all the rage today.

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