Email policy

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Email policy

Approval and Revisions 1. Electronic Mail is a tool provided by the University and serves as a primary means of communication and to improve education and administrative efficiency. Users have the responsibility to use this resource in an efficient, ethical and lawful manner.

In the event a University employee holds multiple University Email Accounts, the most stringent rules of this policy shall apply. Student and alumni accounts are created based on Email policy ID reflective of the name on file with the Registrar.

Requests for name changes to correct a discrepancy between an email account name and official University records will be processed, in which case the email account name will be corrected. This could be due to error or a person legally changing their name.

Requests for mail aliases based on name preference, middle name, etc. Faculty, staff, or departments can request temporary email privileges for users outside of the University. Such requests shall be approved by the appropriate Director level manager. Back to Top 2. Subject to underlying copyright and other intellectual property rights under applicable laws and University policies, the University also owns data transmitted or stored using the University Email Accounts.

"+_.D(b)+" Be sure to check back from time to time, as these policies may change.

UNIT staff or University officials may also require access to a University Email Account in order to continue University business where the University Email Account holder will not or can no longer access the University Email Account for any reason such as death, disability, illness or separation from the University for a period of time or permanently.

All email users are bound by the appropriate acceptable use policy of both Villanova University and either Google or Microsoft. Google also retains the right to access to the Gmail Accounts for violations of its Acceptable Use Policy.

As of this writing, retention times are unlimited and storage limits are: Exchange Accounts Individuals are responsible for saving email messages as appropriate.

Unless a legal hold has been placed on an account, messages in Exchange Accounts are automatically purged from folders as follows: Individuals should not rely on an email account to archive data and each person is responsible for saving individual messages and attachments as appropriate.

User files and folders are not backed-up individually. Because restoration of the entire email system is a lengthy process, requests for email account restoration is generally granted only in the case that loss of the data significantly affects a business unit.

Restoration services for Gmail and Office Accounts are only offered for messages that have been deleted no longer than 25 days.SECURITY. Passible encrypts your data with the same AES mechanism used by banks and militaries to secure their data.

Email policy

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This policy applies to all members of the Brown community who are entitled to email services, as detailed in the Computing Privileges document. Policy Brown provides electronic mail (email) services to faculty, staff and students, and to other affiliated classes of .

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