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English essays for school students pdf merge

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin Home: Even before her fate is decided, by Father Flood, an Irish priest who has emigrated to the United States, and by her sister, Rose and mother, Mrs Lacey, Eilis is aware that something is not quite right in her home town, Enniscorthy. However, it also becomes a place that provides Eilis with the opportunity to renew herself and carve an independent future without the strong shadows cast by her family.

Whilst her mother continues to symbolise absence and the tug of her Irish roots, Eilis also forges a homely relationship with Tony Fiorello and his surrogate family that will only ever be a substitute.

english essays for school students pdf merge

At the same time, Toibin suggests that it is difficult for Eilis to procure employment in this insular town in a socially-conservative environment; she also appears denied of a rosy romantic future.

Employment with Ms Kelly becomes a source of humiliation as her employer often brushes her aside and chastises her in front of other customers. At the dance, Jim appears offhanded and rejects Eilis.

The motivation and impetus to emigrate to Brooklyn quietly english essays for school students pdf merge Eilis as a foregone conclusion, arranged by others, and in response to her circumstances. Father Flood is invited to the house for tea, and Eilis soon realises, the invitation has a more significant purpose.

But as we also know, Jack soon cherishes his independence. It is this sense of glamour that eventually sets Eilis apart and makes her imminently desirable but the glamour, as we find out, comes at a cost. Her past continues to haunt her in the figure of Miss Kelly who reminds her of her inability to stay.

He was the one who was reluctant to set himself up once again for rejection thus cementing a bond between them that will, perhaps sadly, never be realised. Essentially, her immigrant experience in Brooklyn is characterised by a sense of loss and nostalgia as she constantly looks to the past. By comparison her new home and her new life are inconsequential and unsubstantial.

The letters also become a sign of absence and homesickness. They are a sign that life in Brooklyn lacks familiarity. Coincidentally, too, the lugubrious winter weather reflects her sense of gloominess.


Initially, the workplace setting at Bartoccis is also formidable, especially the sale that takes place three weeks after she begins her new job. Letters, then, also become a sign of the difficulties associated with navigating the silence that yawns between them.

Accordingly, Eilis tries to supply the missing links. Gradually, they become her only tenuous link with home. For the first time Eilis, too, is aware of not being reprimanded by either Rose or their mother.

Through the foreshadowing characterisation of Georgina, readers gain a sense that Eilis will have a degree of freedom and some opportunities. She shares a cabin with Georgina, who is suitably sophisticated, forthright and wise. Something Rose might have done.

Recognising that she will never recover the home she left, Eilis nevertheless seeks to forge an approximate one. Consequently, the relationship with Tony Fiorello, whom she meets at the Parish Church dance, is pivotal to her transformation.

Her eventual sexual relationship with him provides comfort and a strange sense of gratitude born of her incredible loneliness. Tobin therefore suggests that such subtle personal relationships and sensitive feelings are what make the difference with Eilis and help her carve a substitute home characterised by commitment, devotion and passion.

We are reminded that familiarity can help to overcome sadness. Her growth is reflected in her growing attachment to her room and its increasing familiarity. When Ms Fortini helps Eilis choose a bathing suit for her outing to Coney Island, there is an aura of sensuality that was previously less pronounced.

She conceals details that signal her growing independence and confidence to make personal choices. Rose is appropriately concerned. She only reveals to Rose in the middle of the paragraph that Tony is a plumber. Her divided self reflects her growth and development in another place, but a place that is always pervaded by a sense of nostalgia and loss.

It is also a sign of her divided loyalties. As testimony to the transformative affect of Brooklyn, Tobin depicts Eilis as ambiguously both a family member and an outsider.

She has an exterior confidence and a quiet sense of exoticism that set her apart owing to distance and difference — a difference that was also foreshadowed by Georgina on the initial journey to Brooklyn.

Once upon returning to the family home, Eilis reflects upon her connections with place and the fact that the room means little to her.

english essays for school students pdf merge

In addition, Eilis is set apart, not only because of a certain quiet sense of exoticism. The letters once again remind her of absence; they become a symbol of the loss that tugs at the heart.

Should Tony turn his head, she might be gone. However, there is also a sense of continuity and consistency which enables Eilis to seamlessly merge with her former life and because of her added sense of confidence, she earns respect and admiration.English essays for college students pdf merge November 21, essay thesis serbian culture essay on spain king lear madness essay writer a meaningful christmas essay my day at school essay sport is my passion essays.

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