Essay on trees our best friend for kids

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Essay on trees our best friend for kids

She is living proof that the Jewish people have survived, against all odds, and will continue to survive -- and thrive. Israel's citizens live in a constant state of the unknown.

They don't know when or where the next terrorist attack will occur. They don't know which countries, Arab and other, will turn against them in the court of world opinion. They don't know how their economy will fare, thanks to the intifada. But they do know that they will continue to live their lives with some semblance of normalcy.

They do know that, unlike many of their Palestinian counterparts, they will continue to cherish life. They are an inspiration to me. Many of the world's most advanced technological and health care innovations originated in Israel.

For a country the size of New Jersey, this is nothing short of remarkable. I kvell every time I hear of another Israeli breakthrough. As a Hadassah volunteer, I also am particularly proud of the fact that Hadassah hospitals treat everyone alike — would-be suicide bombers, terrorist victims, innocent bystanders and heroes.

Walk down the hospital hallways and you'll see kippot alongside keffiyahs and crosses. I do know that, regardless of politics, I support Israel. I am a Zionist, and that transcends party lines.

Likud, Labor, right, left, religious, secular… it's of no consequence to me.

Essay on trees our best friend for kids

The only thing that matters is Israel's existence. To me, Israel is a gem in the midst of a turbulent region. She's perhaps a little rough around the edges, but it's nothing a little polishing can't fix.

Trees: Our Best Friends Essay- English Essay On Importance Of Trees

Israel feeds my spirit and my soul. From the rosy Jerusalem stone to the buoyant Dead Sea to the mouth-watering falafel stands, Israel awakens my senses. She is filled with irony, as a Shabbat melody is pierced by the wails of sirens… followed by the wails of the terrorists' latest targets and then, a deafening silence.

I may live in the Diaspora, but Israel is in my heart. I think of Israel constantly.

Essay on trees our best friend for kids

I think of her when I check my emails daily for updates on the intifada. I think of Israel at bedtime, when my youngest son prays for peace. I think of Israel when I hold look at the walls of my home, covered with the creations of Israeli artists.

Or when I put on a piece of jewelry crafted by Israeli artisans.All the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment. Trees also stop soil erosion. Cutting down trees will result in soil erosion, flood and drought.

Thousands of birds and animals depend on the trees for food, shelter and shade.

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Trees add to the natural beauty of a place. A land without trees is bare and a country covered with trees is always beautiful.

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Man cannot live alone. He needs friends. The company of books gives the pleasure of company of man and Nature too.

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