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Gamkai business plan

Kuki Government[ edit ] The key of the Kuki government is the Chiefship, which became known to the British colonial rule in India.

It is comparable to the present United Kingdom government which has two houses, 1 the House of Lords and 2 the House of Commons.

The Upa Inpi is to be understood in a simple way as heredity based linked up with the national level government. The Haosa Inpi has the following tier of administration.

Kho Administration[ edit ] A village administration is headed by Kho Haosa as the Chief, in whose name land and other properties, both movable and immovable, are registered and the Chief owns the land for the whole village.

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Village Chief i guides and advises the village administration in accordance with customs and traditions. Kho Semang of the village is an elected cabinet member who administrate the entire village on behalf of the Chief. Kho Pachong of the village is another elected cabinet member, who is responsible for village defence and security, and village labour force.

Kho Lhangsam is also an elected cabinet member, who is responsible for public relations, publicity, external affairs and communications. Lhang Administration[ edit ] A number of villages in a compact geographical area will be grouped into Lhang which is similar to a district Administration.

gamkai business plan

Lhang is administered by: Gamkai Administration[ edit ] Kuki Inpi will group certain number of Lhangs in a certain geographical areas, whose income will be able to meet the expenses of the administration and the Lhangs within that zone will come under the Gamkai Stateand that Gamkai will be administered in the same administrative pattern of the village and the Lhang.

The Lhang leaders namely a Haosas, b Semangs, c Pachongs and d Lhangsams of the number of Lhangs, will democratically elect Gamkai i Haosa, ii Semang, iii Pachong and iv Lhangsam for a period of one term indirectly. Kuki Inpi[ edit ] Kuki Inpi Kuki Government is the national government with geographical boundaries with neighbouring countries.

The policies of Kuki Inpi Kuki government are: Kuki Inpi has been the government of the Kuki nation from time immemorial. The whole set up of Kuki Inpi administration is the same principle beginning from village going up to the national government.

All matters will be framed by the Kuki Inpi and will be executed through the Gamkai, Lhang, and Kho in the whole country. Kuki Inpis[ edit ] Kumpipu is the overall head of all the Kuki Inpis.Minibox Games Business Plan Mike Metzler, John Warren, Todd Simmons St.

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gamkai business plan

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