Malcolm x chapters 17 19

Mecca America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem.

Malcolm x chapters 17 19

After this, family unity began to dissolve: Little suffered a severe nervous breakdown and was sent to the state mental hospital. The other children became wards of the state.

At the detention home, he received favored treatment as a "mascot" of the white couple who operated the homeand rather than being sent on to reform school, he remained in the home through the eighth grade.

In junior high school, Malcolm became an outstanding student and was very popular with his schoolmates. But his world was upset in the eighth grade when his English teacher advised him not to try to become a lawyer because he was "a nigger.

Finally, he asked to be transferred to the custody of his half-sister Ella, who lived in Boston. The request was granted, and he arrived in Boston in the spring of A friend got him a job as a shoeshine boy at the Roseland Ballroom, which rapidly became the center of his social life.

When America entered World War II, Malcolm was sixteen, too young for the army, but by lying about his age, he was able to get a job on the railroad, the war having caused a shortage of black porters, cooks, and waiters.

This job took him for the first time to New York City, and when he was fired from the railroad for wild behavior, he went to Harlem to live.

Malcolm X Biography

After running into trouble with another hustler, and a narrow scrape with the police, Malcolm fled back to Boston. There he formed a burglary ring, with Sophia, her sister, and his friend Shorty.

Again, he got into trouble: He was caught and sentenced to ten years in prison. During his seven years in prisonMalcolm underwent a great change. He was greatly influenced by a prisoner called Bimbi, a self-educated man who convinced Malcolm of the value of education.

Chapter 19 Summary

He would not elaborate upon his scheme, but he did tell Malcolm not to eat any more pork. He later saw this as an instance of Allah, the God of Islam, working his will. Thus Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam and adopted the name by which he was to become famous — Malcolm X. InMalcolm was paroled and went to Detroit to live with his brother Wilfred, also a member of the Black Muslims.

Malcolm took a job in an automobile factory and began finding out all he could about the Nation of Islam.Auto Biography of Malcolm X. STUDY. PLAY. Chapter 1. Chapter Malcolm had been advised by a number of people that he needed to make a pilgrimage to Mecca to learn about "true Islam." Although his sister Ella had been saving money to make the pilgrimage herself, she gladly gave Malcolm the money so he could go.

Chapter 19 Analysis

Chapter This final. Malcolm X tells us he dreams that history will one day remember what he worked to achieve. He also says that he's working urgently because he believes he could die any day now. In the last few pages of the book, Malcolm X tells us why he dictated this to Alex Haley.

Chapter 19 Summary: The Autobiography of Malcolm X Chapter 17 Quiz: Mecca Malcolm X, Alex Haley. Homework Help The Autobiography of Malcolm X . Malcolm X Chapters In chapter 17, Malcolm X has been encourage to the true faith of Islam of his own.

Malcolm x chapters 17 19

He went to on a trip to Hajj. The Hajj went smoothly, and Malcolm felt that Allah was guiding him, helping him to pass obstacles along the way and re-educating him by example.

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Summary and Analysis Chapters Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List Now, free of the doctrines of Elijah Muhammad, he was able to pursue the true faith of Islam on his own.

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