Manatees in danger essay

Needs a little refinement Manatees: Some would say these aquatic mammals argon the ugliest thing below the surface, others would say that these animals be beautiful and match portly mermaids, but no matter what bothbody says about the manatees, they are unique creatures Ray and Ciampi They are mammals that are completely harmless, they feed loosely on sea grass and sometimes small submersed creatures like shrimp Berrill It is a shame for these creatures to be on the endangered species list.

Manatees in danger essay

Manatees The Endangered Manatee The manateeor sea cow, has been on the endangered species list for a long time.

There has been some talk of changing their actual status to 'threatened' but whatever researchers and scientists choose to call them, the manatees are still in danger. There Manatees in danger essay many things that can cause problems for manatees because the large and slow-moving animals are not really expecting many of the dangers that they find and they are often injured or killed by the propellers on boats.

They do not know enough to get out of the way, and in many cases the danger is already on them before they realize that there is something to be afraid of.

It is important to understand what makes the manatee Manatees in danger essay and have a better understanding of what can be done to protect these creatures from humans and other predators. New standards were adopted by Florida in are being used to list threatened and endangered species Walker, Because of this the manatees' status is being reevaluated and it may be removed from the endangered list.

Originally, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was going to vote on a decision about the manatee in January but they put off the vote until later Walker, If the manatees are changed to a threatened classification they will not be as much of a concern as they would be if they were endangered but they will still be closely watched.

Whether their status becomes threatened or remains endangered is not quite as important as whether they are protected and taken care of. The United States and the state of Florida both classify the manatee as an endangered species right now and the classification from the government goes back to Walker, Since the new criteria were created in Florida changing the manatee's status will not necessarily mean that the manatee is actually doing any better but those in the Florida Marine Research Institute do think that the last 20 years have shown an improvement in the manatee population Walker, Originally, manatees became endangered because they were hunted extensively for centuries Jimenez Perez, There are now laws on both state and federal levels that protect the manatees from hunting but there are other problems for the manatee.

Some of their habitat is being lost through changes in the environment and construction that is taking place. Most wetlands are protected in Florida and many other states so that these marine mammals do not lose so much of their habitat to a great deal of new building permits and construction. Another problem that the manatees face is collisions from boats and other watercraft.

The manatees are very shy and often hide but they also do not move out of the way fast enough if there are marine craft in the area and therefore they can be hit before they or the owner of the watercraft realizes what is going on and tries to avoid it.

The manatee does have some protection from this because there are many areas that are restricted when it comes to boating and other watercraft and speed limits have been posted in many other areas that watercraft have to obey Walker, Even if the species gets a downgrade to threatened from endangered those protections will still be in place.

Manatees in danger essay

Some people have voiced a lot of concern about the potential for downgrading the manatee to threatened. It is believed that this might make the public feel that the manatee is doing very well and because of this the manatees might receive a lesser degree of protection in the future Walker, This would be dangerous because manatees have not really made a strong comeback and there are still very few of them left.

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Even though the population to the manatee appears to be growing just a little bit, the actual state of the manatee has not changed enough to make those that work to protect it feel safe and comfortable.

When manatees were originally seen many years ago by Christopher Columbus the sailors on his ship thought that they had seen mermaids Walker, These were actually West Indian manatees and they ranged all of the way from the southern part of the United States to the Caribbean and to the northern coast of South America Walker, In Florida, there is a separate subspecies of manatee that lives in salt bays, shallow rivers, canals, and along the immediate coastline looking for aquatic plants to eat Walker, Manatees are very relaxed and are often termed as 'laid back' animals.The manatee, or sea cow, has been on the endangered species list for a long time.

There has been some talk of changing their actual status to 'threatened' but whatever researchers and scientists choose to call them, the manatees are still in danger. Manatees, The Gentle Giant Is Going Extinct Essays Words | 5 Pages The West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) is a marine mammal that lives in the coastal waters and around the offshore reefs of .

Manatees are also used to clear up canals and irrigation rivers that are clogged with an extreme amount of aquatic plants ("Manatee Facts" 1). The large diet can also be a disadvantage. With the amount of vegetation in manatee habitats decreasing tremendously, .

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