Oral history interview essay

Once a project is under way, we need to assess and ensure the accuracy of the data gathered.

Oral history interview essay

Overview[ edit ] Oral history has become an international movement in historical research. However, it should also be noted that there are many ways of creating oral histories and carrying out the study of oral history even within individual national contexts.

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia: Following this, oral history has increasingly become a respected record type. Some oral historians now also account for the subjective memories of interviewees due to the research of Italian historian Alessandro Portelli and his associates.

Oral histories are also used in many communities to document the experiences of survivors of tragedies. Following the Holocaustthere has emerged a rich tradition of oral history, particularly of Jewish survivors. Oral history interview essay United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has an extensive archive of over 70, oral history interviews.

In his book Doing Oral HistoryDonald Ritchie wrote that "oral history has room for both the academic and the layperson. In the United States, there are several organizations dedicated to doing oral history which are not affiliated with universities or specific locations.

StoryCorps is one of the most well-known of these: There are a number of StoryCorps initiatives that have targeted specific populations or problems, following in the tradition of using oral history as a method to amplify voices that might otherwise be marginalized. The development of digital databases with their text-search tools is one of the important aspects to the technology-based oral historiography.

Oral history interview essay

These made it easier to collect and disseminate oral history since access to millions of documents on national and international levels can be instantaneous. Oral history continues to be an important means by which non-academics can actively participate in the compilation and study of history.

However, practitioners across a wide range of academic disciplines have also developed the method into a way of recording, understanding, and archiving narrated memories.

Influences have included women's history and labour history. In Britain, the Oral History Society has played a key role in facilitating and developing the use of oral history.

A more complete account of the history of oral history in Britain and Northern Ireland can be found at "Making Oral History" on the Institute of Historical Research 's website. The documentation was released for research in The result was half-hour radio documentaries, broadcast in the final weeks of the millennium, and one of the largest single oral history collections in Europe, the Millennium Memory Bank MMB.

The interview based recordings are held by the British Library Sound Archive in the oral history collection. It put 47, of the recollections online, along with 15, photographs. He is known for his work which compared workers' experiences in Harlan County, Kentucky and Terni, Italy. Other oral historians have drawn on Portelli's analysis of memory, identity, and the construction of history.

Citizens' groups in Belarus use the methods of oral history and record narrative interviews on video: The Belarusian Oral History Archive project also provides material based on oral history recordings.

Czech Republic[ edit ] Czech oral history began to develop beginning in the s with a focus on social movements and political activism. Their oral history project Memory of Nation was created in and interviews are archived online for user access. As of Januarythe project has more than published witness accounts in several languages, with more than 24, pictures.Oral History Interview Analysis I interviewed my parent’s elementary school teacher who is very close to my family.

She was born in Loma de Cabrera a town of the municipality of . The subject that I have chosen to write the oral history essay on is my dad, Mr Mohamed Ali. This essay will analyse the oral history interview transcript and will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of oral history when compared with other forms of historical material/5(6).

Quick Tips for Better Interview Video, A Commentary on Oral History in the Digital Age from a Content Management Point of View, Student-Produced Web-Based Digital Video Oral Histories, Howard Levin (Essay Reprinted from the Oral History Review Volume 38 Issue 1 Winter-Spring Analyzing Oral History - Oral History gathers memoirs and individual observations of historical meaning through taped conversations.

These soundtracks of the interview are copied, reviewed, and then assigned in a library. Family History Sample Outline and Questions: The following outline can be used to structure a family oral history interview and contains examples of specific questions.

This essay will analyse the oral history interview transcript and will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of oral history when compared with other forms of historical material.

This essay is based on the oral history interview which I undertook on the 11/04/03 with Mr M Ali at his home/5(6).

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