Pharmacognostic investigation and quality control of crude drugs biology essay

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Pharmacognostic investigation and quality control of crude drugs biology essay

Current trend of commercialization of herbal medicines draw a huge need of maintaining their quality. The declaration of quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal plants as well as poly-herbal formulations has become an important issue.

Hence, qualitative and quantitative analysis of herbal drugs and formulations viz.

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Present investigation is a detailed report for quality control of well-known herb Coleus forskohlii Briq, which includes physicochemical parameter determination, safety evaluation, microscropical evaluation, and chromatographic fingerprinting as well. Physico-chemical characters were evaluated according to Indian Pharmacopoeia, further microscopic evaluation of transverse section of Coleus reveals that periderm, secondary phloem, and wide secondary xylem cylinder, which occupies major portion of the root fragmentary.

Chromatographic fingerprint profiles of Coleus have been generated, and a marker based standardization strategy was adopted; using different analytical technique like high-performance thin layer chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy to maintain quality and ensure safety as well as efficacy.

These advancements in modern techniques of analysis can lead to effective quality control of Coleus as well as other herbs.

Phytochemical investigation and pharmacognostic standardization of Cissampelos pareira root

Present report can act as pioneer for quality control of modern herbal medicine. Coleus forskohlii, gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy, quality control, standardization, thin layer chromatography How to cite this article: Quality control aspects of herbs and botanicals in developing countries: Coleus forskohlii Briq a case study.

J Pharm Bioall Sci ;7: The three important necessities of life — food, cloth and shelter are supplied to man by plant kingdom and act as a complete storehouse of remedies to cure all kind of disease in man. With the growing interest in plant-based medicine over the last 20 years, herbal medicine has been enjoying people's attention throughout the world.

Plectranthus barabatus Coleus forskohlii Briq, Family: Lamiaceae is also an important medicinal plant, which is mainly distributed in few developing countries viz.

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Preparations of Coleus species have long been used in Ayurvedic and traditional systems of medicine, particularly in the treatment of epilepsy, conjunctivitis, abdominal colic, etc.

There are and there should be proper rules and regulations for maintaining the quality standards of herbal medicines. The assertion of quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal plants and poly-herbal formulations has become an important issue.

Pharmacognostic investigation and quality control of crude drugs biology essay

The advancements in modern methods of analysis and the development of their application have made it possible to solve many of these problems. Phytochemical profiles have to be generated and a multiple-marker-based standardization strategy needs to be adopted to minimize batch-to-batch variation and to maintain quality and ensure safety and efficacy.Hence these are all the essential quality control measures to be adopted for the maintainance of the quality and purity of the crude drugs.


Eli Lilly Artifact the quality of raw materials and products can be furnished by regular pharmacognostic identifications and phytochemical analysis. disintegration time. chemical assays. etc. Quality control of wort and beer parameters crude ethanolic extracts of the shoot of M.

Pharmacognostic investigation and quality control of crude drugs biology essay

ligularis exhibited a good potential source of new drugs upon isolation and purification of its bioactive compounds for treating infections caused by these pathogens and particularly drug evasive C.

albicans. Essays in Honour of M. Adebisi Sowunmi. However, personal barriers to personal carbon trading were negatively related to personal carbon trading willingness. Control variables, such as gender and incomes, were not significantly related to personal carbon trading willingness.

in , coal consumption was million tons, and crude oil consumption was million tons. Physicochemical Evaluation The present study was useful for further pharmacological and Evaluation of crude drug ensures the identity of drug and therapeutic evaluation along with the standardization of plant determines the quality and purity of drugs.

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±0. mm in the presence or absence of foreign matter such as metallic diameter. Table 3: Fluorescence analysis of Aracemosastem powder Indian systems of medicine utilize most of the crude drugs, which are of plant origin. It can be crucial that specifications need to be set down to control as well as check the identity of the plant and examine its quality prior its utilization.

Pharmacognostic and Preliminary Phytochemical Investigation of Leav es of Aralia Racemosa L Pharmacognosy Journal, Vol 8, Issue 3, May-Jun, ceous, smooth, bifurcating, much bra nched and.

The investigation of the quality of snail inedible by-products.