Riordan network design project week 4

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Riordan network design project week 4

I am not going to write up a full coverage of it, as it is mostly very similar to the session they did in the US which I posted about here.

Riordan network design project week 4

Very interesting to see that Regis and the team managed to get ESXi booting on an RPI 3b, but also that it only uses about MB of the memory, which would leave room to boot one VM as Regis points out if you are lucky.

One example of a use case is to use this machine as a physical vSAN Witness host for 2 host configurations.

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This was the immediate use case I had in mind as well for this! As Regis points out, what is great about ESXi is that it already provides isolation and QoS for VMs, which ensures that all apps running on an IoT gateway would get their fair share of resources. Eliminate the noisy neighbor problems Note that this is a project and very much at an alpha stage, nowhere close to being available for customers or partners, but as Regis points out… if you are a customer or partner doing things at the edge and interesting in this please let us know.

The team is looking for design partners to better understand the different use case, to ensure they build something which can be useful for customers!

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