School essay on safe travel

Short Essay for Kids on Travel Article shared by Travelling is one of the best hobbies that one can have. It opens up many new worlds to the traveller. Travelling provides adventure and adventure keeps us from growing old. As long as there is something to look forward to, the mind remains young and healthy.

School essay on safe travel

Back then, the ordinary people used to travel by foot and only the rich could afford animal driven carts. This wastage of time was reduced by the introduction of engine powered cars and trains. Even though these vehicles were faster than the animal driven carts, it still took days to travel around thousand miles.

Therefore another means of transportation had to be invented by which this time wastage could be diminished. Thus the time required to travel was drastically decreased by the invention of planes. Due to the huge advances in technology in the 21st century, there are planes that can travel even faster than sound.

These planes take less than an hour to travel more than thousand miles. Travelling by the means of air has become the most fastest and common method of transport especially for great distances.

At the present situation, we can travel around the world in less than a day unlike the past when it used to take months to do so. Thus we can now travel anywhere in the world by the time we have a small nap and a coffee. But as in most cases of technological advancements, we cannot achieve such great feat without a price.

One such School essay on safe travel we had to pay over and over again is the lives of the individual that was lost in the numerous airplane crashes we had ever since we started using the airplane. The airplane crashes have claimed oven ten thousand lives in the last decade in over accidents. This is because as the technology increased, the number of passengers on a flight increases.

Earlier only around hundred people could travel in a plane and now there are flights that can accommodate more than Thus the number of passengers involved in one accident increased and even though there are fewer accidents, two or three are enough to take more than lives.

Aviation fatalities have existed since the time of the invention of planes. The first of it occurring on one of the models of the Wright brothers causing death of a passenger on board and injuries to Orville Wright himself.

Beginning that incident certain safety features were added to the plane in order to reduce accidents. The aviation safety equipment industry has become a very big one and now is a billion-dollar industry on its own.

The aviation safety has improved significantly over the past hundred years of its implementation. One of the most terrifying aviation accidents was the Tenerife incident.

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It is the disaster that has caused the highest number of fatalities. More than five hundred fifty people died in this disaster. The pilot of the KLM flight attempted to takeoff without clearance and collided with the taxiing Pan American flight. This incident was completely the mistake on the side of the pilot but there are certain ones that are also caused due to mechanical failure.

The crash of the JAL Flight was one such case. About five hundred twenty were dead in this accident when the aircraft underwent an explosive decompression due to an incorrectly repaired aft pressure bulkhead. This occurred in mid flight and destroyed most of the flights vertical stabilizer.

This also severed all of the hydraulic lines, making it virtually uncontrollable. In this case the pilots were more experience but their experience could only keep the plane flying for a few more. The plane finally crashed into a mountain making it the single-aircraft disaster with the most number of fatalities.

The introduction of the airborne collision avoidance system was done after the Chakhri Dadri mid-air collision. In this accident a Saudia Flight crashed on an Air Kazakhstan flight when the Kazakh pilot was flying lower than the altitude he was given clearance to.

This accident claimed lives, which includes all the crew and passengers aboard both the flights.

School essay on safe travel

The airborne collision avoidance system gives information about any aircrafts or flying objects nearby thereby helping the pilot to change its course in order to prevent collision.

As the technology became advanced, the speed with which the aircrafts could fly increased as well as the safety features required to travel at those speeds.

One of the greatest planes ever made was the Concorde.essay on safety measures in school. Buddhism research paper introductions ap lang argument essay travel essay delhi. From max weber essays in sociology zimbabwe research paper prospectus qld the civil war essay essay euthanasia debate.

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School essay on safe travel