Speech for 101

Contrast What is Parallelism? Parallelism is the successive use of identical grammatical patterns of words, phrases, or sentences. It is sometimes referred to as parallel structure or parallel construction. The parallel pattern here is a little longer:

Speech for 101

He was actually born on 10 July; his biographer Barry Wain explains that 20 December was an "arbitrary" date. Both parents had been married previously; Mahathir had six half-siblings and two full-siblings.

Discipline imposed by his father motivated him to study, and he showed little interest in sports. He started out his primary education at the Seberang Perak Malay Boys School in and studied there for two years.

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After he graduated, Mahathir worked as a doctor in government service before marrying in He returned to Alor Setar the following year to set up his own practice. The success of his practice, as the only Malay doctor in the town, allowed him to build a large house, invest in various businesses and, pointedly, employ a chauffeur to drive his Pontiac Catalina.

Early political career[ edit ] Mahathir had been politically active since the end of the Japanese occupation of Malaya, when he joined protests against the granting of citizenship to non-Malays under the short-lived Malayan Union.

While at college he contributed to The Straits Times under the pseudonym "C. Det", and a student journal, in which he fiercely promoted Malay rights, such as restoring Malay as an official language.

Speech for 101

For Mahathir this was a significant enough slight to delay his entry into national politics in protest.

The delay did not last for long. In the following general election inhe was elected as the federal parliamentarian for the Alor Setar-based seat of Kota Setar Selatan.

The previous year, Mahathir had predicted the outbreak of racial hostility.

Speech for 101

Now, outside parliament, he openly criticised the government, sending a letter to Abdul Rahman in which the prime minister was criticised for failing to uphold Malay interests. The book argued that a balance had to be achieved between enough government support for Malays so that their economic interests would not be dominated by the Chinese, and exposing Malays to sufficient competition to ensure that over time, Malays would lose what Mahathir saw as the characteristics of avoiding hard work and failing to "appreciate the real value of money and property".

The ban was only lifted after Mahathir became prime minister in ; he thus served as a minister and deputy prime minister while being the author of a banned book. Milne and Diane K. Razak encouraged Mahathir back into the party, and had him appointed as a Senator in He also returned to the House of Representativeswinning the Kedah-based seat of Kubang Pasu unopposed in the election.

When Razak died the following year, Hussein as his successor was forced to choose between the three men to be deputy prime minister; he also considered the ambitious minister Ghazali Shafie.

Ghazali, having been defeated by the others for a vice-presidency, lacked the support of UMNO members; Ghafar had no higher education and was not fluent in English; and Razaleigh was young, inexperienced and, critically, unmarried.

The appointment meant that Mahathir was the anointed successor to the prime ministership. Nonetheless, when Hussein relinquished power due to ill health inMahathir succeeded him unopposed and with his blessing. Mahathir had grave reservations about the two Sultans.

Both were activist rulers of their own states and Iskandar had only a few years earlier been convicted of manslaughter. The proposal would also remove the power to declare a state of emergency from the Agong and place it with the Prime Minister.

The Agong at the time, Ahmad Shah of Pahangagreed with the proposals in principle but baulked when he realised that the proposal would also deem Sultans to assent to laws passed by state assemblies. Supported by the Sultans, the Agong refused to assent to the constitutional amendments, which had by then passed both houses of Parliament with comfortable majorities.

The press took the side of the government, although a large minority of Malays, including conservative UMNO politicians, and an even larger proportion of the Chinese community, supported the sultans.

After five months, the crisis resolved, as Mahathir and the Sultans agreed to a compromise. Mahathir considered that an automotive industry was essential to Malaysia becoming a industrial nation.A lighthearted speech grabs the audience's attention, harvests some giggles and will be fondly remembered for years afterwards.

The secret of a successful lighthearted speech is that the gags and the compliments appeal to everyone present.

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