The tao of pooh

All we need to do is, lean back, relax, and there we are. Let's imagine that we have walked down a narrow street in a large Chinese city and have found a small shop that sells scrolls painted in the classic manner.

The tao of pooh

Then we work with the natural order of things and operate on the principle of minimal effort. Since the natural world follows that principle, it does not make mistakes.

Mistakes are made—or imagined—by man, the creature with the overloaded Brain who separates himself from the supporting network of natural laws by interfering and trying too hard.

When you work with Wu Wei, you put the round peg in the round hole and the square peg in the square hole. No stress, no struggle. Egotistical Desire tries to force the round peg into the square hole and the square peg into the round hole.

Knowledge tries to figure out why round pegs fit into round holes, but not square holes.

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It just does it. But Things Get Done. When you work with Wu Wei, you have no real accidents. Things may get a little Odd at times, but they work out. Later on you can look back and say, "Oh, now I understand.

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Using Wu Wei, you go by circumstances and listen to your own intuition. When you do that sort of thing, people may say you have a Sixth Sense or something. All it really is, though, is being Sensitive to Circumstances.a book about how Pooh is a great Taoist master, and what Tao is.

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The Tao of Pooh is an international bestseller, the first Taoist authored book in history to appear on the bestseller lists and appeared on The New York Times' bestseller list for 49 .


Get this from a library! The Tao of Pooh. [Benjamin Hoff] -- Explains the basic concepts of the Chinese philosophy of Taoism through a discussion of how Winnie-the-Pooh lives by its principles.

Winnie-the-Pooh is ‘The Bear for all Ages’, and now he’s more fun than ever before. Join in The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet! Pooh's Way of doing things seems strangely close to the ancient principle of Taoist philosophy, while Piglet exhibits the very important principle in Taoism of the Te, meaning Virtue of .

The tao of pooh

A terrific and short read on the principles of Taoism. The author highlights the belief that happiness and contentment come from an acceptance of our own Inner Nature and an ability to operate in accordance to the natural order of Life.

Enjoy! The Tao of Pooh is possibly one of the most controversial books to reach the market this century about a piece of art called the Vinegar Tasters. Such subjects and themes include abortion, good vs. evil, passion, and the debate on whether or not kitten huffing is cleansing for the soul.

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