Thesis of teamwork

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Thesis of teamwork

Teamwork Teamwork Team efforts have always been crucial to the completion of major tasks. Take for example the construction of a building. A Thesis of teamwork of workers would naturally be able to do the task much faster and with better results than a single person.

In a similar way, an organization is built up with teamwork and cooperation amongst employees and their managers. A team has been defined by Katzenbach and Smithp. Naturally then, management these days is looking more and more towards teams to get work done in the organisation as this is believed to deliver more than the individual effort.

Thesis of teamwork

Since team efforts can also be detrimental to the success of the organisation, the essay will also try to analyse ways in which the disadvantages may be mitigated or avoided. Teams are formed for Functional purposes, in order to get a certain organisational task finished.

Some teams are formed by organisations simply for improving on aspects such as quality or productivity. They may also be formed for Psychological purposes which involve the employee satisfying certain needs. Organisations rely heavily on teams in order to solve different problems.

The first type is Quality Circles, which are small groups and meet regularly in order to discuss certain workplace problems such as quality issues. The second type is Work Teams, which actually perform the daily work unlike the Quality Circles, which are merely advisory in nature. The third type is Problem Solving Teams, which exist on a temporary basis in order to attack certain problems within the organisation.

The fourth type of team is known as the Management Team which is relatively permanent and consists of managers. Its main task is to coach other teams into becoming self-managing and coordinating work amongst interdependent work teams.

Finally, there are the Product Development Teams, which are a combination of work and problem solving teams. They are also temporary in nature, since once the task is completed, they are disbanded.

Thesis of teamwork

The team has a structure amongst its members which reflects the team identity. This includes, first and foremost, a team leader, often seen as the most competent member with regard to the task to be accomplished and as someone who is able to take command of the group.

At the next level are the team members themselves who have agreed to come together in order to achieve group goals. Deviates comprise the third level of the team structure and are members who have personal goals that do not coincide with the overall team goals.

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Teamwork and collaboration includes the ability to work directly or indirectly with others and accurately communicate information among a few or many different people. The more obvious need for teamwork and collaboration is for the relationship between co-workers.

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