Thesis on tennis elbow

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Thesis on tennis elbow

This review paper represents a critical review of the opinions expressed by Brandel Chamblee in his book called "The Anatomy of Greatness" [1].

Brandel Chamblee is presently a reknown albet controversial Golf TV commentator on the Golf Channel, and he previously played golf as a professional golfer on the PGA tour for a year time period.

He is known for his keen knowledge of the golf swing and the history of the game. Brandel Chamblee seemingly believes that many modern day golf instructors are not teaching the optimum way to perform a full golf swing, and he seemingly thinks that they have lost their way.

He apparently believes that present day golf instructors should go back to teaching the swing elements manifested by many great golfers from a bygone era like Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Mickey Wright and he provides many examples of swing elements that he believes are very desirable.

I have no problem with the "fact" that he harbors strong personal choices when it comes to desirable swing elements, but he seemingly adopts the radical position that his personal choices have been proven to be better than the swing elements adopted by many modern day professional golfers such as Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day.

I believe that he is wrong about many of his personal choices - either in terms of their fundamental "essentiality" with respect to a well-executed full golf swing or with respect to his personal explanations about the underlying golf swing biomechanics that underpin those swing elements.

Chapter 1 - The Grip Brandel Chamblee made the following statement in his book-: I believe much of the problem is rooted in the most popular instruction book ever written. The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, Ben Hogan states that, when placing your left hand on the club, the V formed by the marriage of the index finger and the thumb for a right-handed golfer should point to the right eye.

On page 28 he states that the V formed by the index finger and thumb of the right hand should point to the chin.

In professional golf-speak, this is known as a weak grip.

Thesis on tennis elbow

Brandel Chamblee therefore concludes that a golfer should use a stronger left hand grip, and he states in his book-: The vast majority of great players have used a much stronger grip, and most amateurs should, too. A stronger grip is the grip of choice— the commonality among the best in the game— and the easiest path to improvement.

Brandel Chamblee then describes how a golfer should adopt a stronger left hand grip as follows-: Then the thumb is folded over and placed just to the right of the center of the club.

The V formed by the thumb and index finger should point toward the right shoulder. If yours points toward your chin or right eye, keep turning it clockwise until it approximates the greats. Hence, the club should be placed diagonally in the hand, with the thumb on the side of the shaft.

The placement of the left hand has a very distinct purpose. The left hand provides the stability in the strike but the full range of motion should never be compromised. The tendency is to take up the grip completely in the palm, but this is disastrous, as the player will lose some range of motion in the wrist and security of the club at the top of the swing.

Image copied from reference number [1] I have no objection to his personal choice of that pattern of left hand grip, which is a very common choice among skilled professional golfers, but I think that his reasoning for choosing a stronger left hand grip and his description of how best to adopt a slightly strong left hand grip is flawed.

Consider the "idea" of using the V-direction as the optimum method of adopting a stronger left hand grip. Note that Byron Nelson chooses to have his clubshaft perpendicular to the ball-target line at address so that his hands are no closer to the target than his clubhead, which means that he has to disrupt his intact LAFW defined as a clubshaft that is straight-in-line with the left arm by bending his left wrist.

Under those conditions with the hands midway between the thighsthe V formed by the left thumb and left index finger will likely point at the right shoulder at address. However, some golfers prefer to have their left arm and clubshaft straight-in-line and with forward shaft lean at address, and that personal choice will affect the direction that the V will point at address.

Consider an example of that personal choice - Dustin Johnson. Image 1 shows Dustin Johnson at address, while image 2 shows him at impact. Note that Dustin Johnson has his clubshaft straight-in-line with his left arm at address, which means that his left wrist is not bent - even though it may "appear" to be bent in that image.

However, the "real" reason why his left wrist is dorsiflexed at address is due to the "fact" that he adopts a moderately strong 3-knuckle left hand grip with his left thumb placed on the aft side of the grip handle.This is a series on arm and hand pain causes.

If you missed the beginning, go back to the Checklist. Treating arm and hand pain is an important part of my Neuromuscular Therapy practice near Boston.

Book Review: The Anatomy of Greatness - Brandel Chamblee. Click here to go back to the home page.. Introduction. This review paper represents a critical review of the opinions expressed by Brandel Chamblee in his book called "The Anatomy of Greatness" [1]. With November approaching, we are constantly reminded about the coming festivities.

Associated with these festive holidays are rapid changes in temperature and weather conditions. Dr David K Wong offers hand surgery and interested in upper extremity care, including elbow, shoulder and neurological problems.

He offers treatment in Tulsa, OK. Low-back pain is a common ailment in populations of working age. About 80% of people experience low-back pain during their lifetime, and it is one of the most important causes for short- and long-term disability in all occupational groups.

Thesis on tennis elbow

Homoeopathy is a curative system of therapy, focusing on individualized treatment by stimulating the body's intrinsic ability to heal itself through the use of prepared medicines.

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