Thesis statement tartuffe

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Thesis statement tartuffe

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Thesis statement tartuffe

It becomes clear that Tartuffe, as he becomes increasingly powerful in the playconsiders himself above the others, and because of his "spirituality," he is above the laws of God, too.

He tells her this as he is attempting to seduce her, so it is clear that Tartuffe thinks he is above everything, including sin, and that he has a "special" pact with God that allows him to pretty much do Thesis statement tartuffe he pleases. This is another jab at religionwhich often takes itself too seriously, and so do some members of organized religions, and this is who Moliere is parodying in the play.

Tartuffe has denounced Orgon to the king, and Orgon is devastated. The man he trusted and gave so much to has betrayed him, and has shown himself to be nothing more than an evil manipulator. When it seems as if nothing can intervene, the police arrest Tartuffe and restore the home to Orgon and his family.

Orgon is not wise enough to see through Tartuffe, but the king is, and that is the only thing that saves the family. So, it was not critical of religion, as such, it was critical of the zealots and fanatics, and of those who put too much faith into religion without questioning the ulterior motives of the overly faithful.

Moliere created the play as a comedy because the situation is absurd, and so are some of the characters. Making the play a comedy makes it easier for him to poke fun at religion and religious beliefs, because it is seen as being amusing and entertaining, at the same time.

He writes with a knowledge of people and their weaknesses, and critic Crawford notes this. He writes, "Moliere has simply observed his fellow man and has probed deeply into his idiosyncrasies.

But his probing is always in the comic spirit, and exaggeration of character, one of the main controls in comedy of humors, is fully employed for the evocation of laughter" Crawford.

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Moliere could have made this a serious drama, but it would not have been the same, and it might have been even more offensive to theatergoers of the time.

In conclusion, "Tartuffe" sheds light on the way people react to religion and religious fanaticism, and shows that some people will use religion for their own gains, preying on the weak and the overly pious.

He just does that in a very clever way with this play. References Crawford, Jerry L. Attacking Hypocrisy, Not Religion.Nov 18,  · Tartuffe act 4 scene 1 analysis essay papers anti narusaku essay oleanna summary essay bartsch dietmar dissertation writing global warming persuasive essay thesis carlyle critical miscellaneous essays on global warming Disrespect to a nco essays asoka dbq essay electron diffraction ring analysis essay personal statement.

Tartuffe and Adventure Quest Play Analysis Question One In the turbulent era of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, deus ex machine was used to establish a controversial thesis. Tartuffe kissed the earth at every moment, and he gave Orgon holy water at the door.

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Tartuffe always made Orgon think that the gifts he gave him were too much, and he would give the gifts to the poor. Thesis Statement: “The Life of a Sensuous Woman” written by Saikaku and the play “Tartuffe” written by Moliere strongly emphasizes a common theme of appearances .

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New. -Includes thesis statement, which is the point you want to make about your topic. In your case, you will focus your thesis on how the theme of money affects the actions of perhaps the characters of Orgon or Tartuffe in Tartuffe and Nora or Mrs.

Thesis statement tartuffe

Linde in A Doll’s House.

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