Why do we write a literature review when carrying out research

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It has been three years since starting my study on Intermittent Fasting IF and its proclaimed health effects. I am finally ready to go public. A quick background story… Why IF? Can we really lose weight, improve health and even live longer by staring at an empty plate every now and then? Seemingly, there was a lot of confirming evidence to be found online, showing amazing body transformations and improved health for many individuals.

I spoke with many of those people. But from a scientific standpoint the stories were highly biased and not doing much to further improve our knowledge. You think anyone ever changed their feeding frequency and kept all other things equal?

How than can we know what Really improved their life? IF or the fact that they also changed their training routine, stopped smoking and started to walk to work? I wanted to see what we knew at this point. How much was the subject really studied and what did the evidence say?

I finished the work in about one year and the result was awesome. The audience loved it. I got my MD and felt on top of the world. But where do I go next?

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First, the idea was publication in a scientific magazine. For many reasons, taking time from becoming a good clinician being the most important, but far from single one, I eventually decided not to go that route. I just could not decide what I wanted to do with it.

The problem was always integrity.

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This is my baby. Finally, after some recent online pressure — I decided to give it away for free — right here. There is no use in it sitting on my dropbox-account. And the fact that you are getting it for free, on a sliver plate, without having to spend nights, bent over scientific papers, pulling your hair out.

Share it with your friends — the social media buttons are on your left. If you like it, please drop a comment below, let me know. He also helped me get the project started with some pointers and connections. Now, grab a big cup or coffee and enjoy the read.

why do we write a literature review when carrying out research

Abstract An increasing number of animal studies have shown altered markers for health in subjects exposed to intermittent fasting, i. It has been hypothesized that the reported beneficial health effects from caloric restriction on excess body weight, cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism, tumor physiology, neurodegenerative pathology and life span can be mimicked by alternating periods of short term fasting with periods of refeeding, without deliberately altering the total caloric intake.

Therefore, a systematic review of available intervention studies on intermittent fasting and animal and human health was performed. In rodents, intermittent fasting exhibits beneficial effects including decreased body weight, improved cardiovascular health and glucose regulation, enhanced neuronal health, decreased cancer risk and increased life span — some of the effects independent of the effects attributed to calorie restriction alone.

The human studies performed to date are generally of low-quality design. Beneficial effects such as weight loss, reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and improved insulin sensitivity have been observed, but conflicting data exists.

The potential health promoting effects of intermittent fasting in humans and applicability to modern lifestyle are discussed. InMcCay et al. Numerous subsequent studies have confirmed that a calorie restriction of 30 to 60 percent of ad libitum intake increases the life span by similar amounts in a range of organisms including yeast, roundworms and rodents, while simultaneously decreasing or delaying the occurrence of age related diseases such as numerous cancers including lymphomas, breast and prostate cancershypertension, stroke, diabetes, nephropathy, autoimmune disorders and other risks factors for cardiovascular disease 3,4.THE SPIKE.

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why do we write a literature review when carrying out research

Second, a focus on practices (in the plural) avoids the mistaken impression that there is one distinctive approach common to all science—a single “scientific method”—or that uncertainty is .

The Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Human and Animal Health