Writing a land contract

Buying a house on land contract is not the preferred way to purchase real estate. The usual method is to borrow money from a bank, pay the full purchase price for the house and then make your mortgage payments to the bank. This method is best because you own the house immediately.

Writing a land contract

There are several elements that must be included in a well-drafted land lease agreement to ensure its viability. Fortunately for first-time landlords, the process is not overly complex or loaded with legal jargon.

If you approach lease drafting with the right information you can create a clear, effective, binding lease for your real estate property.

Provide a legal description of the property in the first paragraph of the lease agreement. While a street address or unit number often suffices for structural leases, a land lease agreement requires a more exhaustive legal description. You must cite the property's exact boundaries as given by coordinates on a land survey map or on the property's deed.

Use specific, consistent nomenclature when referring to parties writing a land contract in the lease. Establish the lease's duration clearly and concisely. If you do not specify how long the tenant will lease the land, then the lease agreement is invalid. Add any necessary clauses concerning profit-sharing if you expect the tenant to give you a percentage of the land's profits.

If the land is being leased for agricultural purposes, you may want to consider adding profit-sharing clauses. Leases that include profit-sharing can be beneficial if the land is fertile and the landlord and tenant both take proactive steps toward ensuring a high crop yield.

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However, keep in mind that profit-sharing agreements are usually coupled with a very low or nonexistent monthly rent, so if the crop fails, you will not receive rent from the tenant.

Make sure any profit-sharing provisions are clearly worded, incorporating exact profit percentages and itemizing the tenant's responsibilities for cultivating and harvesting the land. Detail each party's financial responsibilities for any potential construction or landscaping on the property. If your land lease agreement allows the landlord or tenant to build residential or commercial structures on the property, you must explain who will pay for these improvements.

Itemize any included or excluded utilities.

writing a land contract

If specific water, electric or gas utilities are not itemized in the lease, whoever uses the utilities is legally responsible for those bills.

In most cases the tenant uses the utilities, but it can be difficult to prove tenant usage if the property is shared by multiple occupants.

writing a land contract

This is why itemized utility costs are important in the land lease agreement. Own the Home, but Not the Land? He also works as a website programmer and graphic designer for several clients.

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Aug 01,  · The laws governing contracts for deeds or land contracts varies from state to state. Check your state statutes, or meet with a real estate attorney to determine if there are any additional terms or specific language required in a contract for deed%(25). sample contract templates you can view, download and print for rutadeltambor.com are contracts and agreements for many home and business arrangements, including home maintenance services, modeling and photography contracts, rental contracts, event contacts and more.

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How to Write a Contract for a Deed (with Free Sample Contract)

You need to set your rates, work hours, and scope of responsibilities in a contract both you and the other party will agree to and sign. How to Determine if a Contract Is Valid. In this Article: Checking for Valid Content Assuring Formalities Were Observed Ensuring the Validity of Execution Identifying Defenses to Performance Community Q&A A contract is an agreement made between two or more parties that is enforceable by law.

Sample Contracts • Contract Templates Contact Information Links Land Contract Information A land contract is an agreement for the sale of an interest in real estate in which the purchase price is to be paid in installments and no promissory note or mortgage is involved between the seller and the buyer.
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Legal Help for all South Australians One way in which a promise is enforceable is the modern law of contract, which arose from the old action of assumpsit[2] and concepts of motive and reliance. There are five essential elements necessary for legally binding contract formation:
How to Write a Contract for a Deed (with Free Sample Contract) But, sorting through all those tips and strategies can make a newbie have analysis paralysis. I had to learn the hard way, make many mistakes and try and try again before I finally figured it out.
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